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Serenity Pooled Special Needs Trust is a trust that serves disabled people.  The Trust manages assets for disabled people in a manner which preserves a trust member's eligibility for State benefits programs such as SSI, Medicaid, and Tenncare.  Placing assets into the Trust is an alternative to the typical "spend-down" methods used to qualify for benefit programs.  The Trust receives moneys from members and then uses those moneys for the benefit of the member, providing payments for quality of life improvements such as private rooms at residential facilities, medical equipment, entertainment expenses, sitting and care-giving services, and other professional services.  

Serenity is a specialty trust company for disabled people based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Founded by attorneys Adam R. Hill and Karl D. Warden, both of whom saw the need for such a pooled specialty trust in their law practices, Serenity is one of the region's first pooled special needs trusts.  While most special needs trusts are basic documents, a pooled special needs trust is a complex instrument which qualifies for IRS 501(c)3 status and acts as a charitable organization.  As a pooled trust, members can support other members via a "pay-it-forward" system unique to pooled trusts, and allows a communal support model previously unseen in the trust landscape.

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Serenity trust

Ensuring quality of life for disabled persons.






special needs planning

Becoming a member of the trust allows your loved one to benefit from the extensive legal knowledge of our trustees.  Together with family, the trustees will generate a plan for your loved one's care which provides the highest possible quality of life with the available assets, while ensuring that those purchases will never disqualify your loved one from receiving benefits.  

asset protection

Pursuant to a precise Federal statute, assets held by Serenity's trustees are not countable assets for Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid purposes.  Creditors or debt collectors cannot reach the assets held by trustees, even if your loved one owes them money.  While the trustees have the discretion to pay creditors, creditors cannot use judicial processes to force payment.  

Avoid spend-down

The spend down process is an inefficient way to ensure a loved one qualifies for benefits.  The process can be complex and difficult, and errors can result in substantial penalty periods.  Serenity's assets are automatically not-countable assets,  thus no spend down is necessary.  Serenity allows your loved one to use their assets and savings for the duration of their lifetime. 

professional services

Serenity can pay for or contract for professional services such as tax review and accountant services, real estate professionals, and any additional legal specialists needed for a member.     

medical supplies and equipment

Serenity can cover charges for medical supplies such as wipes, adult briefs, bedding, and antiseptics, as well as larger items such as medical mattresses and wheelchairs.  

Semi-Private / private rooms

Serenity can upgrade a loved one's living environment to a private room at a residential or long term care facility.  


One of the most popular services which Serenity covers is charges for sitters.  A personal caregiver can bolster the services available at long term care facilities, and ensure constant attention for your loved one.  

haircare and therapy

Serenity can pay for beauticians and haircare providers, massage therapists, yoga, physical therapy, and many salon-style services.  

Serving the needs of disabled individuals has brought more joy to my law practice than I ever imagined possible. I am proud to be a founder and trustee of Serenity.
— Adam R. HIll, Esq, Trustee
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We welcome inquiries regarding anyone who might be interested in joining the trust.  To be eligible, a person must be potentially disabled, but any inquiries are heartily welcomed.  Our phone number is 615-345-0339Using this form will also reach us via email.  We serve the Tennessee and larger Mid-South areas.