about us

Serenity Pooled Special Needs Trust is a trust that serves disabled people.  The Trust manages assets for disabled people in a manner which preserves a trust member's eligibility for State benefits programs such as SSI, Medicaid, and Tenncare.  Placing assets into the Trust is an alternative to the typical "spend-down" methods used to qualify for benefit programs.  The Trust receives moneys from members and then uses those moneys for the benefit of the member, providing payments for quality of life improvements such as private rooms at residential facilities, medical equipment, entertainment expenses, sitting and care-giving services, and other professional services.  

Serenity is a specialty trust company for disabled people based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Founded by attorneys Adam R. Hill and Karl D. Warden, both of whom saw the need for such a pooled specialty trust in their law practices, Serenity is one of the region's first pooled special needs trusts.  While most special needs trusts are basic documents, a pooled special needs trust is a complex instrument which qualifies for IRS 501(c)3 status and acts as a charitable organization.  As a pooled trust, members can support other members via a "pay-it-forward" system unique to pooled trusts, and allows a communal support model previously unseen in the trust landscape.