What is serenity pooled special needs trust?

Serenity PSNT is a trust that serves disabled people by managing and protecting their assets.  A disabled person, or their family, will make a deposit with the trust, and the trust will then use that money to purchase goods and services for that person.  As a pooled trust, different Federal guidelines apply, thus allowing the trustees flexibility to either bolster a needy member's trust balance, consider a distribution to potential heirs, or make payment to the State.

how can serenity help?

All assets held by Serenity are "non-countable" assets for Social Security and Medicaid purposes.  By giving assets to Serenity for management, the disabled person can benefit from their long-term savings, rather than having to "spend down" the assets to qualify for benefits.  Also, Serenity's attorney trustees are experienced planners, and can help place your loved one on solid ground.  

what kind of things can't serenity cover?

If a loved one is on Medicaid or Tenncare, Serenity cannot pay for shelter or food (because that's what Medicaid pays for).  Additionally, Serenity can only make payments for items approved by the trustees.  The trustees are bound by the terms of the trust, which in turn is governed by Federal statutes, and are designed to preserve a person's eligibility for benefits. 


must a member be disabled?

Yes.  All trust members must be disabled.  There are many types of qualifying disabilities.  These include: dementia, cognitive issues, developmental disorders, those in Conservatorships, and those persons eligible for SSI and/or Medicaid.

what's a pooled trust?

A pooled trust allows for one disabled person to support another.  Once a member dies, and they have remaining assets, the trustees can decide if another member of the pool needs additional funds because they are getting low on money.  The disabled member can then, in essence, pay-it-forward to help the next disabled person in the pool.  

why choose serenity?

Serenity is an independently audited IRS 501(c)3 charitable organization.  We use online client portals for instantly-available monitoring of membership accounts.  Serenity only uses experienced attorneys as trustees.  Serenity has modest enrollment costs and annual fees, and a relatively low minimum deposit.  Serenity's trustees are based in Nashville and are members of the Tennessee Bar Association, Nashville Bar Association, and the Conservatorship Association of Tennessee.  


how does someone sign up?

Call our number to talk with us.  We'll then schedule an introductory call with one of our administrators to answer any questions, and see if Serenity is a good fit.  If it is the right fit, the family will meet with a trustee to become a member - and create a plan for using the trust assets for the member's benefit.  Serenity will then begin making payments pursuant to the plan, or respond to individual requests, and begin to arrange any assets for transfer into the trust.